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Since this is my first blog post, I guess I will give everyone a run down on what exactly it is that I do, love, and plan for my future.
As of right now I am an Au pair. Most people know what that is as it becoming increasingly popular. If you dont however it basically means I am a live in nanny, with fewer obligations and MUCH more freedom. When I first decided to do this, I was so incredibly excited to get going with my life. I had wasted a year after highschool, just working and blowing all the money I worked for on clothes, and alcohol, which is not my idea of a "good life". Ofcourse it was fun for a while, and I love my best friends but after 50 consecutive weekends of getting wasted, and ruining the rest of my weekend from being hungover, it gets a little much. So in September of 2010 I decided I was finally going to get started on my dreams of travelling the world...
It has always been something I wanted to do. Since I was really little I was always the weird litle girl telling mommy, "When I grow up I dont want to have kids or get married, all I ever want to do is have a cat and travel the world". Side note: Yes, this means I am a cat person, and for all you dog people out there, good on ya, dogs need loving too, unfortunately however, you have picked the wrong team. Anyways yes, I have always wanted to travel and I am so not one of those people who is going to be okay, with "settling down" in one place for the rest of my life. MY goal is to set foot on every continent in the world. Once I am finished that, I guess i'll go after every country.... hey its possible. So far I have done a bit, not as much as I would like but enough so that I can say I am proud of myself for what I have achieved. I mean I am only 19 and I have been in Germany now for over 5 months without my friends or family to guide me through smoothly. Oh no, not smoothly at all. It's nice knowing I can accomplish so much by myself. It really is good for ones independance i'd say. IT hasn't been all fun and games though to get here it was a bit of struggle, and had some people including myself wondering if it was all worth it.
Before I had decided to become an Au pair and head on over to the land of history, beauty, and wonder (Europe I mean, Germany is nice, but not THAT nice...), I had made plans to go to Mexico with my "partying" friends, early October. Before I left we made te plan that I would come home from the Mexico and finish my planning for my trip over seas, and really get everything I need sorted out. There was only one real concern with all of this... I hapened to be terrified of flying. Maybe its my sick obsession with watching "caught on tape" youtube videos, or I have seen to many movies/tv shows where planes all of sudden just lose control, or stop running, or BAM there wings just fall off. I mean I know it is a silly fear. People go on planes all the time, right? Planes are like the safest transportation available, right? Yes, yes, I had heard it all before, but that doesnt change the fact that actually getting on to the plane and being up in the air with literally nothing holding you up but the power of the engine in that big hunk of metal, is still absolutely terrifying. On the way to and from Mexico, we ofcourse hit a bunch of turbulence, and me being the scared/nervous little dog I am, got all worked up. Holding on to the armrests, like they were the only thing keeping me from falling 50,000 feet. Ofcourse my friends (who happen to be mostly of the male gender) thinking they are big, funny, tough guys, laughed at me and kept cracking absolutely hilarious jokes about the plane crashing. Truly when your scared of flying already, having people joke about it, while your still up in the bloody air, really makes it so much more bearable.. Anywho, I got there and back safely, with nothing more then stiff hand muscles (from gripping the armrests you sick people), and a bruised ego.
So the plan was, I would get on the plane November 12, at 8pm and arrive in Germany the next day after a quick stop in London. I was so excited to be finally doing something I knew I would remember for the rest of my life as what started of my whole travelling career. So I got to the airport, had a tearful goodbye with my mother, father, sister, and 2 best friends, and got on the plane....Only to arrive in Vancouver approximately 6-7 hours later. Yes you heard me (or erm read me..) I arrived back in VANCOUVER. So how did this all happen your probably wondering. Well after taking off about 2 hours later then what we were supposed to, do to a mechanical issue with the door of the plane, we were up in the air for about 30 minutes, when out of nowhere the left wing caught on fire. IT CAUGHT ON FIRE!!! Talk about a nervous melt down, I mean my god. Half the plane was all, "oh dont worry it will all be okay", while the other half was crying whether that be silently or.... not so silently. I however went into *save myself* mode and immediately started rehearsing the safety exit routine in my head. These were about the extent of my thoughts at this moment " Okay, okay, its all going to be okay, the exit is right there, all I have to do is run to it and pull the lever when we are close enough to the ground, I am going to be fine, HOLY SHIT I AM GOING TO DIE, no, no its okay, just pull the little red thing and jump out its all going to be great, I AM GOING TO HAVE TO USE THE F*%$#@*& RED THING ON THE EXIT DOOR". Yeah, those were good times. Eventually the pilot turned that engine off and informed us that even though we could keep going all the way to Europe on just the 3 remaining engines it was probably better we just landed back in Vancouver. Well alrighty pilot, if you say so. He also said we will be landing back in about 30 minutes. More like 3 more hours of circling because not only did we have to drain the engine fluid so we didnt blow up when we landed, but it was so foggy, the pilot couldn't see. Regardless I made it back to Vancouver safely, but more scared then I already was of flying. My mom and dad came and picked me up and for some reason I couldn't even cry, I didn't even cry about it really until the day after, and that was only because my mom was crying. At that point I was unsure of what I wanted to do, I said I still wanted to go, but in my head I was so all over the place.
We decided to make my flight for a week later (which happened to be the day after my birthday). I got to celebrate my 19th birthday with my friends and family which was very nice, (for anyone who doesnt know this, in most of Canada the legal drinking age is 19). I got to have my first 'legal' drink, with the people I care about most. I set of again on my journey, this time with anti-anxiety pills. I popped one of those suckers in about 30 minutes before take off hoping it would set in, in time. It didn't, so I popped a second one in. After that the whole rest of the ride is blank. I dont know if I passed out or just blacked out or what, but I woke up throwing up in the air sickness bag, while people beside me watched. Maybe it was good thing because I dont remember any of the flight, which means I didn't have time to get scared. We landed in Heathrow airport and I barely recal getting from my first plane to the second but I did it, on time surprisingly. I fell asleep again on that plane and woke up in Germany. Arriving in my new host-families arms. I was thrilled to be finally here. It was like yes, I now remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. We drove back to our house, and I was introduced to everyone, all the pets included. I felt like I had really done something to be proud of. I was a little sick for the next few days, and very jet lagged, but it was worth it.
I have now been here for 5 months, and even though I have had some seriously home-sick days, if I were to go back in time, I know I would do it all over and not change this exxperience at all. So for anyone out there, scared of flying, and you feel like it is stopping you from living your dream of seeing the world, don't let it stop you. You don't know whats going to happen tomorrow, it could be a car crash, cancer, or a long healthy life of living everyday to the fullest, but you will never know until you try.

Those are my two-bits. Have a day full of wonder and laughter!---- Mariah

Posted by Solotravels 04:13

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